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MLDH considers the puppy welfare to be of utmost importance.  When selling my puppies, I try to find the perfect home.  Please do not be offended by the questions I may throw at you.   The questions help me determine if your home will be perfect for one of my puppies, they are not meant to be offensive in any manner.

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Although I do breed my dogs, it is not the typical breeding environment often found in PA.  I keep all my dogs in my home; sometimes to the point it is hard to tell whose house it is, mine or theirs.   The puppies are raised in the home.  There first three weeks are in a designated area which segregates them from the others to ensure their safety, their mother's attention, and their own immunity. 

If a dachshund is to develop into a great dachshund adult dog, they must be loved, handled frequently, and socialized with children and other animals.  All my dogs are members of my family and are treated as such.  The main ingredient in  raising a happy healthy dachshund is tons of love, handling, and family interaction.

My goal in breeding is to have health puppies that I can place in homes with a healthy environment for both the family and the puppy.  I want the experience that you have in getting a new family member to be a great one.   As a responsible dachshund breeder I want to ensure that my puppies find a forever home.

I fell in love with this breed because of their intelligence, big dog attitude, and their individualistic personalities. 




I started breeding dachshunds in the mid-90's.  The excitement, the possibilities of colors, the cute little puppy faces, and the relationships I felt with my dogs immediately got me addicted.  I stopped breeding for about six years when I was required to commute and travel for work.  Thankfully those days are gone and I am so fortunate to be back doing what I LOVE!!

My Little Dachshund Heaven is a PA Licensed Kennel (15859) since January of 2016.  This means that there are inspections completed in my home by the Dog Law Enforcement Office on a regular basis.  As of July 2016, there have been two unannounced inspections completed this year.  These inspections are without notice and I am proud to state that there were  no problems identified at either inspection.  The biggest challenge is keeping up with the paperwork required for an inspection.  Please  ensure you provide any paperwork requested to help with this task. 


General Info

I was born and raised in the small town I live in.  I am #9 of 12 children.  I have always had animals in my life and cannot imagine my life without them.  Dearest to my heart are my dachshunds.    I currently love, adore, and share residence with 15 dachshunds of all shapes and sizes.  I also have a domestic cat, fish, and an honeybees.   Oh and I almost forgot my over 100 chickens that are also like my children except I do keep them outside!   

I do work full-time for the Department of Veteran Affairs as a data analyst and very fortunate to have such a great job that provides me the opportunity to work from home.   BTW this just adds to my dogs all being spoiled rotten. 

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Dachshund Puppies For Sale??

All puppies are raised in my home underfoot.  The puppies are well socialized and I take time to love and handle each and every puppy on a daily basis.  

Because they are raised in my home, they get used to normal everyday sounds such as the t.v., vacuum cleaner, and radio.  This helps them to adapt to your home much easier. 

Once they are three weeks old they begin socialization with people and my other dogs.  People socialization is with all ages. 

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