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I started breeding dachshunds in the mid-90's.  The excitement, the possibilities of colors, the cute little puppy faces, and the relationships I felt with my dogs immediately got me addicted.  I stopped breeding for about six years when I was required to commute and travel for work.  Thankfully those days are gone and I am so fortunate to be back doing what I LOVE!!


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I was born and raised in the small town I live in.  I am #9 of 12 children.  I have always had animals in my life and cannot imagine my life without them.  Dearest to my heart are my dachshunds.    I currently love, adore, and share residence with 15 dachshunds of all shapes and sizes.  I also have a domestic cat, fish, and an honeybees.   Oh and I almost forgot my over 100 chickens that are also like my children except I do keep them outside!   

I do work full-time for the Department of Veteran Affairs as a data analyst and very fortunate to have such a great job that provides me the opportunity to work from home.   BTW this just adds to my dogs all being spoiled rotten. 

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