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Updated:  Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This will be a page will be dedicated to Doxie Tales.  That is stories about your doxies and maybe once in awhile I will have to throw one in about one of mine.  It is too hard for me to chose one doxie over another to be dedicated to an entire web page for a month.  To submit your entry, please complete the form below.  In addition, please submit at least one picture of your dog (several preferred) by sending it as an attachment to my email at

Your write-up about your dog should include things like his/her favorites toys, treats, things to do, etc.  Hope you enjoy reading the little stories and sharing your own story about your favorite doxie.    
DOB: May 4, 2010
From: Coatesville, PA

I would like to introduce Sammy.  He was born May 4, 2010, one of seven from Lucy & Bailey’s litter (at My Little Dachshund Heaven).  All seven are beautiful with different color combinations; I am sure that the other six are just as special and loved as little Sammy.

At almost 2 years old, he weighs 15 .5 lbs.  His favorite things to do are to go anywhere, he doesn’t care where,  just put him in the car and he is happy.  He spends at least two days a week with my parents while I am working. They just love and spoil him. I wonder who enjoys the visits more, my dad or Sammy. He also loves to snuggle every night after a long day.

He loves sitting outside as long as someone is with him, watching the birds and letting the neighbors know that he is around. True to the breed, he is a great watchdog, hunter, and loves to dig. Every time he comes inside we have to pick the leaves and twigs off him. 

He also goes to day care once a week to play with the other puppies. And he is a proud graduate of puppy class.

Sammy has brought so much joy to our whole family. I keep saying that we could not have found a better dog anywhere.  I believe that comes from Sammy’s first 8 weeks of life being loved and nurtured from such a wonderful person as Liz.  She has been available every time that I have called panicking because I thought something was wrong with Sammy or just giving me great advice.   Submitted by:  Kathy Turansky, loving mom to Sammy.

Note:  I am so fortunate and thankful to Kathy as she always keeps me up-to-date on Sammy.  She frequently sends me text messages or emails with pictures of him.   I am grateful to be such an important part of their family.  


DOB:  February 7, 2005
From:  Bellefonte, PA

Brandy is 7 years old with a birthday on February 7, 2005. We celebrate and have birthday parties every year with balloons, ice cream cake, doggie cookies, and of course presents!!! She is a very happy, playful pup, but when it comes to her food; back off!! :) She never bites, but loves to show off her pearly whites.

She's a very comical dog, chasing after the ducks, birds, squirrels, anything she thinks she can catch. She loves sleeping in late and going to bed early. She also loves dressing up for Halloween. This past year she was a 'Hot Dog.' She also has a knack of sitting pretty!

Loves playing with her toys (her favorite is her 'Foxy') with our other dachshund Bre, who is 3 years older than Brandy and about 10 pounds heavier! Bre thinks Brandy is her puppy and is always trying to protect her. We love all dogs but dachshunds will always be our number one choice!

Submitted by:  Kerri Korus

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